Sunday, February 1, 2009

What about our Children? The Ron Huberman (dis) Appointment

This blog is the allow the community to communicate with me about the Mayor of the city of Chicago unilaterally appointing Ron Huberman as the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools. Ron Huberman does not have the experience to run the 3rd largest school system in the United States. He has no education and less than 10 years of managerial experience. Ron has been a police officer, he ran the 911 emergency center, and recently he ran CTA, the buses and trains. We need a strong leader to be the CEO of our school system. Someone that has both education and administrative experience. For the second time the Mayor has overlooked qualified women who helped to run the CPS in the number 2 position. Ms. Barbara Eason-Watkin helped Arne Duncan, who President Obama has tapped to run the school system for the country, run the CPS, but the Mayor would not give her the CEO job. When Arne Duncan was appointed in 2001, the Mayor overlooked Blondean Davis and Cozette Buckley, both qualified women. Blondean Davis won the Superintendent of the year in 2008 for Illinois and she came out number 3 in the country. Ms. Davis has also increased the test scores for the Matteson, Illinois school system by 80%.


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